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Heart of Africa Curios About Us

As South Africans, we have seen the challenges that many citizens of the beautiful continent of Africa contend with in their day to day lives. Poverty and homelessness are rife in our continent and many people cannot find employment to help feed their families. However, the spirit of entrepreneurship in Africa is strong, and many locals use their unique skills to open small businesses to improve their economic situations. Sadly, many of these small business owners have great talent, but a lack of resources. Many of them only have the means to cater to very small markets, thus limiting their ability to grow their businesses.

We wanted to start a business that could help make a difference in the lives of those from our local communities, and that was the moment when the idea for Heart of Africa was born.

We decided to create Heart of Africa in order to help local artists expand the market for their unique, handmade artworks. It was incredibly important to us that our business empowered the local artists to expand their own businesses, so instead of employing these talented individuals, we have partnered with them. This model allows us to expand their target market while retaining full control of their own business. In this way, we can play a positive role in our society by encouraging, empowering, and supporting these incredibly talented and hardworking artists.

When you buy from Heart of Africa, you are not only receiving beautiful, authentic African artworks, you are also making the world of difference in the lives of young artists who are trying to achieve their dreams of owning a house or buying a car while supporting their families.